10 Famous Tea Houses In China

If you decide to immerse in Chinese folk culture, you will discover that drinking tea is an important part of it. Chinese tea houses not only serve delicious tea – they are venues where people delight in their spare time and present a glimpse at the Chinese tradition. Often they entertain their guests with performances such as opera, comedies, magic tricks, acrobatics and more. That makes the tea houses a special tourist attraction.

So how far are you ready to go for China’s best tea?

These places are highly recommended:

1. Lao She Tea House

It’s a circus of a sort. As motley as a casino, it mixes the modern and the ancient in its interior. It’s a place where a lot of enthusiastic artists present their talents. On a daily basis, you can enjoy opera, folk arts, magic, acrobatics and other incredible performances. Lao She presents a colorful glimpse at Chinese culture. Your palate may delight in a variety of teas, sweet desserts, and traditional snacks. It, is an expensive place and the menu is only in Chinese, and it is worth every bit of your time and money. It has had more than 2 million visitors with a lot of celebrities among them.

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How Is Tea Processed

Loose tea infuser

Tea has a very long, colorful and rich history throughout the years.  But it all started in China, thus it stands to reason that it is there that we should look for the origins of the tea and tea processing.

Tea is harvested from an evergreen shrub called Camellia sinensis, but it has some varieties (Chinese tea is made from Camellia sinensis var. sinensis as to Indian Assam teas are made with Camellia sinensis var. assamica.) Indigenous to the East and Southeast Asia region as well as India this plant can now be found all around the world.

Tea has been known through the centuries as a healing remedy for many diseases, such as infections, coronary illnesses, asthma and much more. But what does the process of getting this amazing drink include – from the fields that it is grown to the warm cup of tea we love to drink?

Even though tea comes in a great variety of tastes, aromas, and shape, the method of processing this herb is quite identical.

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Ten Exotic And Less Known Nuts

cedar nuts

There are more than 900 kinds of nuts, we know of. They are packed with good nutrition, and the Roman culture considered them to be the food of the Gods. Most of them we totally like to eat for they are above all extremely nutritious and they have got the flavor of the fall season. They are part of the many culinary traditions on different holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, there are some culinary nuts with wonderful properties we have hardly heard of.

Cedar Nuts

The cedar of Siberia may be justly called Russia’s national tree, for it mainly grows on its territory. It is the pride and glory of Russia’s forests. The main virtue of the Siberian cedar is in its nuts. They were exported from Russia since the time of Ivan Grozni (the Terrible). Because of their delicate, penetrating, slightly balsamic oil, they are much better than almonds. From their kernels is extracted an oil, high in quality and taste, very nutritional and rich in minerals and vitamins – it often excels even olive oil.

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Nuts In Antiquity

There is no doubt – nuts have been serving men for thousands of years. They are not only very convenient for transfer, but they also allow to be stored during the long harsh winter spell. Nuts and candies, spiced cakes and sweetmeats, were some of the delicacies St. Nicholas fetched to children at Christmas time. According to Medieval physicians nuts were ruled by Jupiter and called jovial, and they were classified as warm and dry, and doctors recommended them fresh as a laxative.


These regal nuts were mentioned in the history of the olden times as a precious ingredient in the bread of Egyptian Pharaohs. One of the first mentions of almonds in ancient times was made in the Bible – some biblical characters from the time of Joseph traded with almonds. The wand of Aaron makes the almond trees bear fruit magically; by this wonder proving that he is the Lord’s chosen.

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Ten Famous Tea Houses In Japan

Japanese people serve their tea with Wagashi. Those are incredibly pretty confections, which have become a part of the tea ceremony tradition and balance the bitter taste of the matcha tea with their sweet paste. Wagashi is made from various combinations of sweetened beans and rice floor – it’s a vast diversity from jellies and sponge cakes, to frozen ices and mocha. In order to indulge in this pleasure, you have to visit a proper tea house in Tokyo, where the ceremony is expertly conducted so that you may appreciate it with all your senses.

1. Yakumo Saryo

This venue is a restaurant and a tea room called Sabo, and its specialty is seclusion. It is in a silent area of the city, and it holds a garden of plum trees and a room with a view to it. It’s a place where tradition meets innovation. For breakfast, they serve “Asacha” – A traditional Japanese Breakfast set, featuring seasonal tea along with rice or porridge and some carefully selected dishes. In the Sabo, you can enjoy fresh Japanese sweets with many variations of tea and liquor. The house also offers a selection of traditional Japanese food souvenirs or gifts made in the region.

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Ten Uses of Nuts and Their Shells You Did Not Expect

Traditionally nuts are used in food and cosmetics industry.

But what else can one make from nuts except for Christmas cookies?

Mortadella and Pistachios

Yes, you can employ nuts in the production of meat, namely a huge, Italian, pork sausage, originally discovered in Bologna, full of spicy pepper, myrtle berries, and pistachios. It comes from an ancient Roman tradition. It was called “farcimen mirtatum” (myrtle sausage) because it was flavored with myrtle berries: a spice popular at times when the pepper was not that readily available to cooks of ancient Rome. Nowadays they make mortadella in several countries as well as the Middle East. A Palestinian brand features mortadella, which is actually finely ground meat with olives, pistachios or pepper.

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Ten Famous Tea Houses In The UK

Everything stops in England for it’s time for tea.

1. The Bat’s Wing Tea Room, Isle of Wight

It’s such a beautiful place – it looks like the house made of sugar in the folk tale of Hansel and Gretel. Visiting it is like going back in time – an old-fashioned room full of enchantment and very peaceful. They do not serve merely tea. They bake shortbread, cakes, and scones, which are gluten-free! They serve crab sandwiches and soup with sweet potato and rosemary. They sell boutique lacy handkerchiefs. From a tea room, The Bat’s Wing has become a landmark, people are actually booking accommodations near the Bat’s Wing.

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Tea in India

Labeled as the world’s second-biggest tea producer and the primary consumer of tea, India is a country with an interesting and complex connection to the plant. In 2013 the green tea consumption had grown by the whopping 50%, putting the country on the fast track of developing an even bigger market for their product. When it comes to tea – India has always been a synonym for quality and tradition.

History of the tea in India

Tea has been used in India as a medicine since 750BC when herbs like mint, licorice, pepper, and cardamom were utilized. The practice of boiling herbs in order to drink them has been referred to in the Ramayana. Later there are mentions of Buddhists utilizing the herbal drink.

Tea became widely popular and commercially produced thanks to the Brits. The British Empire relayed heavily on China in order to obtain their beloved tea. Soon though, it became obvious to England that they needed to find other suppliers for the herb, as China’s monopoly of tea was not in their favor.

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Ten Popular Perfumes With Nutty Flavors

Perfume is like a signature. Unique and irresistible, it’s the fragrant autograph you leave into the memories of people. For His Highness – the Perfume, the great fashion dictator Coco Chanel firmly states: “It is an invisible, however, unsurpassable fashion accessory. It announces the appearance of the woman, and continues to remind of her when she’s gone.” Are you after the ultimate yummy scent? Here is a selection of ten stunning perfumes with nutty flavors: it will be a crime of fashion if you haven’t tried them.

Eau Parfumee Au The Rouge Bvlgari

You will get addicted to this fragrance from the Bvlgari tea line: clean and supple, gentle and sensual it smells like tea blended with spices, and it is also unisex. It contains notes of pink pepper, bergamot, and orange, combined with fig and read tea, with the harmonizing notes of musk and walnut. It’s a perfect perfume for your Zen mood – for the times when you do yoga, or relax before you go to sleep, or on rainy days.

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Nut Festivals Around The World

At Drosselmeyer we are really into nuts. We do research and we read everything that is available. One of the most interesting activities related to nuts are the various nuts festivals and events around the world. In the following article we will get you acquainted with some of them.

National Nut Day (USA )

On the 22nd of October, each year, it is time to celebrate all the positive goodness about nuts. We are not certain if this holiday was intended to honor all the nutty, crazy people in the planet or the nuts we eat. It might be a time to contemplate all the kooky and daffy persons – the loony birds in our lives – and show them that we care. However, most people consider that this holiday is not about the crazy minds of the world, but about the nutritious and delicious snack: the healthy nuts.They are high in protein, fat, minerals and vitamins and they do not contain cholesterol at all.

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