Ten Popular Perfumes With Nutty Flavors

Perfume is like a signature. Unique and irresistible, it’s the fragrant autograph you leave into the memories of people. For His Highness – the Perfume, the great fashion dictator Coco Chanel firmly states: “It is an invisible, however, unsurpassable fashion accessory. It announces the appearance of the woman, and continues to remind of her when she’s gone.” Are you after the ultimate yummy scent? Here is a selection of ten stunning perfumes with nutty flavors: it will be a crime of fashion if you haven’t tried them.

Eau Parfumee Au The Rouge Bvlgari

You will get addicted to this fragrance from the Bvlgari tea line: clean and supple, gentle and sensual it smells like tea blended with spices, and it is also unisex. It contains notes of pink pepper, bergamot, and orange, combined with fig and read tea, with the harmonizing notes of musk and walnut. It’s a perfect perfume for your Zen mood – for the times when you do yoga, or relax before you go to sleep, or on rainy days.

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Hypnotic Poison Christian Dior

You will be surprised that this scent lasts 12 hours on you. If you are a gourmand and love vanilla, mouth-watering coconut and almond – they overpower everything else in this perfume. You smell like a dessert the entire way, and that’s the side effect: you will wish to snack incessantly. The perfume is warm and gives you a feeling of comfort as if the sun has slightly kissed your skin. It is smooth, because of the coconut, but in a subtle way. It brings the most personal experience you will have with a perfume.

White Musk Libertine The Body Shop

If you don’t know of the notes, you would say it is a juicy, peachy, musky rose. When you first apply it, you are going to want to eat it. The white musk is smooth and super-fine like the sugar of a confectionary, with a milky nuance. There is a strong nutty note, along with soap smell, which gives a sensation of airy, whipped muss – it is pretty and delicious. This perfume is suitable for the spring and the summer.

Just Cavalli Gold For Her

A seductive blend of mandarin and hazelnut in the top notes is added to the composition of jasmine and marshmallow and the composition is warmed with a sexy blend of leather, which leaves a fine, sweet trace. There is a sultry and sexy fragrance: warm and delicious. You will simply adore the hazelnut if nutty sweetness is what you are after. The rosewood and leather base makes of a lavish and expensive fragrance. With this perfume, you will gain many compliments.

Lancome Miracle So Magic

Miracle So Magic is such a perfect combination of flowers – so happy, light and wonderful! It contains gourmand hazelnuts, sweet narcissus and classic rose – my God! It is unique and rare and totally pleasing. One can smell hazelnut and it’s nicely balanced with notes of flowers. People compare it with Chanel Chance Tendre, but prefer it to it, because the hazelnut is so delicious. The notes are wonderfully balanced and well blended. There is a hint of daffodil giving the composition extra sweetness. Well done!

The Banana Republic Black Walnut Cologne

It is a great woody/tobacco/citrus combination. This perfume has got a very soothing and pleasant fragrance. It smells just like fresh black Walnut, and it reminds of the timeless classics of men’s perfumery. An extremely complex effect created from simple ingredients. Reminding of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker story – it has got masculine, elegant and majestic charisma, its effect is for solemn times. Bravo!

L`ArtisanParfumeur Jour de Fete

It’s got a lovely smell – soft, nutty, gentle, creamy almond and wheat, sweet, but subtle. It suits you, it cheers you up, it is unisex and it is best in the summer – cozy and comforting. You will delight in gorgeous almond and the sugary touch, the dry subtlety of this perfume, which is suitable for daily use and it’s got a surprising longevity. For those who love vanilla and almond fragrances, Jour de Fete is unique.

L`ArtisanParfumeur Mechant Loup

When you go into a Hermes shop, it smells exactly like this perfume. This perfume smells as if you have taken some Nutella from the jar and smeared it all over your Hermes bag. Leathery, nutty, sweet, rich and woody – a perfect compliment grabber – a rich, deep, spicy gourmand with notes of praline, honey, and hazelnut. You will be glad to leave such a fragrance after you.

Cinema Yves Saint Laurent

It can make you feel like a star. This is a fragrance for women of glamor, who live under the limelight, who are elegant and self-confident and know how to attract attention. It reminds of Hollywood beauties from the retro romantic movies – with their high heels and black stockings. It has got a softly fresh note of almond blossom, and in the heart, it is amaryllis, peony, and jasmine. Almond adds to it a nutty, sweet nuance. It’s easy to wear and very elegant.

Shakira S

When you originally try it, you will think: “Mmm what nutty, warm, creamy coconut and sweet vanilla.” Sweetness is balanced by jasmine and sandalwood. Shakira’s a gorgeous, well-balanced, voluptuous scent and it feels tropical, because of the coconut. It’s cozy and warm enough to be worn in the fall or winter. It really is very sexy and that’s not an exaggeration.

You may want to personally try all these stunning perfumes on your skin to find you own. You will notice the effect upon your important other, your environment and your self-esteem. It will make you feel different – it will make you find yourself. Perfumes bode of eternal wastefulness, splendidness, and their owners smell of splendor, greatness, and grace. With these nutty proposals, you will scent of an optimistic, self-confident and beautiful person – honest, true, open and absorbed in the sweetness of life.

Image Copyright: Shari’s Berries, License: CC BY 2.0, Source: Flickr

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