Ten Uses of Nuts and Their Shells You Did Not Expect

Traditionally nuts are used in food and cosmetics industry.

But what else can one make from nuts except for Christmas cookies?

Mortadella and Pistachios

Yes, you can employ nuts in the production of meat, namely a huge, Italian, pork sausage, originally discovered in Bologna, full of spicy pepper, myrtle berries, and pistachios. It comes from an ancient Roman tradition. It was called “farcimen mirtatum” (myrtle sausage) because it was flavored with myrtle berries: a spice popular at times when the pepper was not that readily available to cooks of ancient Rome. Nowadays they make mortadella in several countries as well as the Middle East. A Palestinian brand features mortadella, which is actually finely ground meat with olives, pistachios or pepper.

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Tea, Almonds, and Coconuts

Almonds and Walnuts are rather frequent in the composition, especially of fruit-based teas. Teas with caramel nuance, tasting like the perfect baked apple make the heart of the every connoisseur of tea beat faster. Along with the chopped almonds, they contain Hibiscus blossom, elder, brier, slices of apple, mistletoe, cinnamon, fragrance and pink carnation. To get an excellent result you have to pour boiling water on your tea and infuse for at least 10 minutes. An improved recipe of pineapple tea will combine fresh pineapple with milky coconut for an exotic, unique taste. This classical cocktail of tastes combines the tropical nuance with the love for cream.

Nutshells in cleaning and composting

A nutshell represents the outer shell of the nut. Most of them are not supposed to be eaten. However, they can be put to use in a number of unexpected ways. Walnut shells are used in polishing and cleaning, they serve as dynamite filler and are also widely used in composting – there are handbooks on how to compost with peanut nutshells. “Nutshells” are also used in language as: “in a nutshell,” which means “in essence.” The phrase itself was coined by Shakespeare when Hamlet exclaims:

“O God, I could be bounded in a nutshell, and count myself a King of infinite space…”

Paint  and Walnuts

Is your hair tired from the chemicals in the dyes on the market? It’s time to turn to natural means.

You can create for yourself a black hair dye based on natural resources, which will give your hair luster, strength, and thickness. You can use black walnuts powder. Check the recipe here.

Furniture Almond Oil from Formbys

By far that’s the best polish you’ll ever use. It moisturizes deeply, it leaves the wood shining and lasts for longer than anything else on the market – even waxes. There is a very pleasant fragrance to it – sweet almond as if cookies with nuts are baking in the oven. You use it only occasionally, only when you dust. It’s well worth the price. The beautiful, vintage mahogany pieces glow with the even gleam that is lovely and dusts wonderfully. No other product will be able to even come close. It will immediately remove all the gross wax build up from your favorite furniture.

Floor and Ceiling Tiles from Almond Shells

New Age Veneers introduces to the market a revolutionary 3-dimenisonal ceiling and wall covering made from crushed shells of almonds. That’s the perfect alternative to the wood, environmentally friendly, high-performance, and it delivers an entirely novel aesthetics to customers.

Tiles from Coconuts

Cocomosaic Tiles are made from coconut shells, which are abundant and found all around Indonesia. They are available, and the producers help keep the trees alive, allowing them to bear even more fruit. You can create the interior style you crave for, yet still be environmentally conscious and active about it.

Pool Paint and Walnut Shells

The cheapest way to lag a swimming pool is by painting it. Crushed walnut shells are used heavily as an ingredient in abrasive paints in swimming pools, and paddleball courts. Abrasive paints are used for pools because they make the stairs less slippery. The shell of the walnut is non-toxic, safe for the environment and economical. With walnut shell abrasive, one can excellently remove graffiti, or paint spots and other flaws in electronics.

Almond Oil and Wooden Flutes

All wind instruments from wood are vulnerable, because they are very breakable and because the warm air when blown through creates moisture in them. They must be oiled on a regular basis, to stop them from cracking. If you want to clean your wooden flute – almond oil is the best choice. You put some of it on a clean cloth and clean on the inside and outside. In order for the flute to perform beautifully, you have to clean it regularly.

Kitty Litter Purr and Simple

If you have four cats, you may use the Blue Buffalo walnut shell litter. You cannot say enough good things about the brand. It does not have any smell. It endures longer than any other litter you have tried. Your cat is going to love its all natural litter – it’s expensive, but it’s totally worth it. Especially if your kitty has allergies and you need litter that does not irritate its skin or makes clouds of dust, and the walnut litter is a perfect solution.

Christmas Decoration with natural materials.

Incredible dwarves made of acorns, or acorns adorning different candlesticks, DIY toys from walnut shells for the Christmas decoration – your imagination can go wild with all kinds of nut shells. You can place the acorns in any kind of glassware to adorn it, you can craft little toys and ornaments for the Christmas tree out of the small shells of walnuts. There are thousands of DIY ideas on Pinterest how to make your holiday even merrier. You can also use the shells to create little gifts for the children to play with. It’s a wonderful activity for the holiday season. Nuts and shells can be employed in various projects because they are delicious, natural, and pretty.

Image Copyright: Keith Williamson, License: CC BY 2.0


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