Candles and Candle Holders in Meditation, Spirituality and Home Decor

Scandianvian Design Candle Holder

The candlestick is a beloved, illustrious, convenient kind of portable illumination, but it can be also home décor, or part of a beautiful tradition. It is brought into existence by the inspired humanity, which was tired by lurking in the shadows.

Once upon a time, people tamed fire and eventually had to come out with something to keep their candles in their place. Simply imagine how the ancient Aryans had to light candles to appease the God of Storms and tie them to the Sacred Oak Tree, for the lack of better equipment.


The candlestick was invented in Ancient Egypt, among other things like clocks, wigs, makeup, toothpaste, and high heels – generally, all kinds of creative and beneficial stuff. The need for it arose since ancient philosophers and writers needed light, when they worked after sunset, or late at night – and those were ambitious, industrious people. In the dawn of human civilization, the candlesticks served mainly for illumination. Nowadays, they have vital ritual and decorative significance – we use them to adorn our homes at Christmas, in the bright, blessed day of our wedding, or when we say goodbye forever to a loved one – in sickness and in health because in all traditions fire is held sacred.

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