The Mediterranean Diet Is Boosted By Adding Nuts And Olive Oil

It is not a surprise that the Mediterranean diet ranks as one of the most famous and applied regimes around the world. With its rich menu, full of delicious dishes this way of eating had gained many followers for a very short period of time. But what makes it so efficient? There is an undeniable link between the positive effects the diet has and the presence of nuts and olive oil in it.

The Study

In a study, published by The New England Journal of Medicine, it was observed that adopting nuts and olive oil consumption with a combination of a Mediterranean diet as your primary way of eating had positive effects on the prevention of cardiovascular problems in participants pre-disposed to such illnesses.

Where and who?

The study took place in Spain, with randomly chosen participants (men – age 55 to 80 and women – age 60 to 80), that were in a danger of developing and suffering from cardiovascular problems, Type 2 diabetes or at least exhibited three of the health hazards such as smoking, hypertension, high levels of LDL Cholesterol or were obese or overweight.

Three types of diets were applied: A Mediterranean diet supplemented with virgin olive oil, a Mediterranean diet supplemented with nuts and a low-fat control diet.

What – Olive oil and Nuts?

A dosage of 1 liter of virgin olive oil per week was given to the participants of the first group and 30g (15 g of walnuts, 7.5 g of hazelnuts, and 7.5 g of almonds) of mixed nuts a day were given to the second one, to consume three times a week at the minimum.

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