Nut Festivals Around The World

At Drosselmeyer we are really into nuts. We do research and we read everything that is available. One of the most interesting activities related to nuts are the various nuts festivals and events around the world. In the following article we will get you acquainted with some of them.

National Nut Day (USA )

On the 22nd of October, each year, it is time to celebrate all the positive goodness about nuts. We are not certain if this holiday was intended to honor all the nutty, crazy people in the planet or the nuts we eat. It might be a time to contemplate all the kooky and daffy persons – the loony birds in our lives – and show them that we care. However, most people consider that this holiday is not about the crazy minds of the world, but about the nutritious and delicious snack: the healthy nuts.They are high in protein, fat, minerals and vitamins and they do not contain cholesterol at all.

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The California Nut Festival

This festival gathers the crowds to present abundant gourmet food, the eternally popular wine and beer and cooking feats inspired by nuts. It also features live music entertainment by talented and young Californian artists. It’s an event that brings, on a yearly basis consumers and local farmers, together in a wonderful way.

The aim is to boost awareness and consumption of the local products, as well as connect people in a festive atmosphere. Local tree nuts – such as almonds, walnuts, pecans, and pistachios are essential at this event. It showcases some culinary wonders inspired by the delicious nuts.

Oakley Almond Festival (California)

Oakley’s almond trees have become a reason for local pride. Each year about 20000 people gather in O’Hara Park to celebrate their favorite nuts. It’s a three-day long festival, and there is a cooking contest, a parade, a show of classic cars and boats in the Oakley’s waterways, a community stage, arts and crafts and a lot of almonds.

West Virginia Black Walnut Festival

West Virginia grows the best walnuts. At this festival, there is a reward for the finest mature black walnut specimens from around the state. Participants are encouraged to use at least half a cup of West Virginia black walnuts in their confectionary. The festival also involves a 5 km walk, a show of cars, a short contest, etc. Every year West Virginia picks her festival Queen from the beautiful girls present on the event. There is an art exhibition of paintings and drawings, a competition for young painters, a baking contest, a carnival, a craft show, and bands are playing to the amusement of the guests. It’s a memorable event, highly recommended to lovers of walnuts and adventures.

Newberry Spring Pistachio Festival

It’s a one-day event held in California, organized by the Newberry Springs Chamber of Commerce.

This association is constantly seeking for new vendors of Pistachio. Musicians, entertainers, and dance companies are also invited to perform at the festival. The venue has free admission. At the festival, guests get to sample pistachios in a variety of preparations among which spiced with Cajun and lemon herb.

Sahuarita Pecan Festival

This festival includes three running marathons, and unique awards are presented to winners. It donates a portion of its earnings to a non-profit organization that members of the community vote for before the event. The race route travels a scenic course on dirt roads through the pecan orchards, giving runners the most unique and amazing Fall running experience under the trees.

Wandiligong Nut Festival, Australia

Among the heritage trees of the Alpine park, people celebrate the only Australian festival of its kind.

It celebrates the local nut growers, the harvesting period and the amazing variety of nuts and other fresh products available in the coolness of autumn. There are cooking demonstrations, roasted chestnuts, wine and food, music and activities for children. People sell local products as well as hazelnuts, chestnuts, walnuts, apples, cider, beer, wine, oil and lots more. There is live music, games for children, cooking workshops and even Puppet shows!

Bangalore’s Peanut Festival, India

On the last Monday of the Hindu Month Kartik (November, 28) hundreds of nut producers from rural areas travel to Bangalore’s Bull Temple. They carry their peanut crop in large sacks. The temple from the 16th century and the streets which surround it become the venue for the annual KadlekaiParishe (peanut fair). People make an offering to the “big bull” – doddabasava, the remaining quantities of peanuts are piled on the pavements and sold during the country fair. They can be prepared in a variety of ways – boiled, salted or roasted. Besides the peanuts, the vendors offer plastic trinkets, pictures of Hindu deities and pots from terracotta.

This nearly 500-year-old Peanut Festival originated in a legend. When the farmers saw their peanut fields ravaged by a roving bull, they prayed to the animal and offered peanuts to pacify it. On the next day, instead of the damaged fields, they discovered an idol of the bull. Ever since they make sure the bull gets the first part of their peanut crop by making this beautiful festival.

Mt. Angel Hazelnut Festival

This event is sponsored by the Mt. Angel Chamber of Commerce and it takes place in the beginning of December in Mt. Angel, Oregon. It features local arts and crafts as well as presentations of the Oregon breweries and wineries and all kinds of food containing hazelnuts. It’s in the style of German Christmas Holidays Markets, full of authentic goods. Mt. Angel has got a wonderful scenery. And it celebrates its German heritage every year during the Oktoberfest. The people there know how to throw a festival.  It includes a road race, an accordion player, and fishing.


Halloween or Samhain is one of the most celebrated Wiccan festivals around the world and it features nuts and berries and fires. One of the symbols of Samhain is the Acorn – the seed of the Great Oak, which represents longevity, wisdom, and rebirth it was also a charm for better fortune. On the Samhain altar nuts, berries and apples are placed along with photographs of the deceased friends and family.

Honor the nuts, have fun and enjoy! There is a lot of festive magic based on their rich flavor.

Image Copyright: Takemaru Hirai, License: CC0

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