Ten Famous Tea Houses In The UK

Everything stops in England for it’s time for tea.

1. The Bat’s Wing Tea Room, Isle of Wight

It’s such a beautiful place – it looks like the house made of sugar in the folk tale of Hansel and Gretel. Visiting it is like going back in time – an old-fashioned room full of enchantment and very peaceful. They do not serve merely tea. They bake shortbread, cakes, and scones, which are gluten-free! They serve crab sandwiches and soup with sweet potato and rosemary. They sell boutique lacy handkerchiefs. From a tea room, The Bat’s Wing has become a landmark, people are actually booking accommodations near the Bat’s Wing.

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  1. Blackbird Tea Rooms, Brighton

This tea house serves the best cake and tea in Brighton. It’s an award-winning, vintage tea room and the owners are proud of the quality of their teas. One of its inhabitants is a charming café dog called Miss Potter. The menu teases our palate and imagination with “Toast with Butter and Jam,””Cinnamon French Toast,” and “Eggs Benedict, or Royal, or Florentine.” They have got also a large number of cakes and specials: like Praline Cake or Chocolate Almond Cake served with rich varieties of coffee and tea.

  1. Tiny Tim’s Tearoom, Canterbury

The Pudding Society is an event completely based on celebrating the humble British Pudding. First, the chef surprises you with a light main course along with fine wine. Then worshipping the Pudding may begin. The waiters march 7 traditional English puddings accompanied lavishly with sauces of cream, custard or chocolate. While they are serving coffee – you may sample each pudding and you can have as much as you like. This holiday of the senses is courtesy of the Tiny Tim’s Tearoom, Canterbury a quintessential award-winning venue in Canterbury. Their specialty made each morning is a fat, sweet, scone-like cake, with soft pieces of citrus and currants, served warm with butter and jam.

  1. Claridge’s, London

Claridge has been serving Afternoon Tea for more than a century now. They are faithful to the classic sweet pastries, finger sandwiches, and scones served warm. Henrieta Lovell, the tea connoisseur has explored the world to bring delicious tea from small producers from all around the globe. Served in fine china, this typical English drink waters your mouth. Except for the Traditional Afternoon Tea, the house also organizes Afternoon Tea for children, or Champagne Afternoon Tea  – served with a chilled glass of Laurent Perrier Brut. At Claridge, they also organize a master class for learning the art of making sandwiches and perfect scones, and pastries, and how to infuse and prepare the ultimate cup of tea.

5. Sally Lunn’s, Bath

It is much more than one of the most famous tea houses in the middle of Bath, England. Its building is one of the most ancient in Bath. It is open for coffee in the morning, afternoon tea, lunch, and dinner. For dinner, the staff serves hot Trencher dishes. The trencher is a type of bread, which was used instead of plates until their invention around 1500. Sally Lunn’s are most renowned for their Bath Bun topped with jam, chocolate butter, or amazing lemon curd. But they also serve world famous afternoon tea and Trenchers of Chicken and Ham and Steak and Mushroom and for main course, you may also have Smoked Salmon, Salt Beef or Double Bacon – for a typical English treat.

6. Bettys, Harrogate

90 years have passed since the young Swiss confectioner, Frederick Belmont, opened his first Bettys café in Harrogate. Customers describe Betty’s as a lovely place with always wonderful service and superb food – a place where you can truly enjoy food and a hot chocolate. If you are looking for a really special event – they also offer the traditional afternoon tea: silver tray, old-school sandwiches, fancies, scones, a hallmark English treat, which you will not forget. This is how just one item of the breakfast menu sounds: A classic Swiss rösti made with grated potato, Gruyère cheese and cream, pan-fried until golden and served with flat leaf spinach leaves, poached eggs, mushrooms and seasoned breadcrumb topping. Aren’t you hungry now?

7. Miss B’s Tea Rooms, Melton Mowbray

They have a delicious selection of freshly ground coffees and cold drinks. Their Tea menu includes old classics like Darjeeling and Earl Grey – in Miss B’s Tea Rooms you can try over thirty different infusions of tea. One of which is Painting the Town Red Tea – a teasing mixture of Sri Lankan, Chinese and Indian black teas, combined with Hops, Lemongrass and Caramel pieces. All this adds into an interesting blend which reminds of the Ale Houses in Melton, in the times, when the Marquis of Waterford and his party went on a drunken feast and painted a lot of buildings in Melton red.

8. The Willow Tearooms, Glasgow

The Willow Tearooms are recommended to people interested in tasty food and drinks and pleasant atmosphere. They serve a delicious range of traditional drinks and food, tasty dishes from locally produced products. Their menu includes Scrambled Eggs, French Toast, Crab Cakes, Potato Cakes, and sandwiches. Their world-famous Willow meringue is popular when guests are having afternoon tea.

9. Lucy’s Tearoom, Stow-on-the-Wold

Lucy’s a  sweet small tea room with a nice, gluten-free menu, which also contains apple and almond cake. It’s the place to pop regularly into for an afternoon tea or take away cake when you don’t have time to stop. Oh, the jams and marmalades are heaven, but the all-time favorite is the raspberry jam. Lucy’s been described as such a relaxing place to enjoy with friends and a great way to start a Sunday.

10. Peacocks Tearoom, Ely

Peacocks are a family business, they started the tea-room in their home with a view to the river in 2004.  The venue is exactly what is expected from a tea-room: a beautiful old building, with a little garden and they brew the tea remarkably well. They greet and serve their customers with a smile. The chocolate scones are to die for. A perfect experience, rain or shine – it is time for tea.

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