In The Sea Food Really An Aphrodisiac?

Since times immemorial, people have been looking for ways and means to improve their sexual life. They have used different potions, herbs, fragrances, and food to increase their libido and make them irresistible to the opposite sex. How can gourmet restaurant food also boost your sexual power? Seafood is delicious, healthy and seductive and renowned as an aphrodisiac for their content of testosterone, zinc and omega 3 fatty acids. All these in combination make men extra potent.

Do Oysters really make the trick?

It is proven that the oysters were one of the first foods of people in times so ancient, like the time of the species Homo Neanderthalensis. Humans have gathered oysters long before they found how to use the fire. Even the legendary Aphrodite, considered the first Goddess in the world, used to taste oysters for her divine sexual superpower. Since she was born from the sea foam, all mussels were her sacred animals. According to the legends, she appears to the mere mortals upon a clamshell and carrying a pearl – her holy gem. In fact, the word “aphrodisiac” is derived from the Greek Goddess’s name.

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Oysters are associated with lovemaking because they are shaped like lips. The Roman poet Juvenal describes how mischievous the women became after they’d drunk wine and eaten “giant oysters.” These claims were present on the table of the French Kings. The notorious Giacomo Girolamo Casanova, the great lover from the 18th century allegedly ate 50 oysters for breakfast in the morning in order to increase his sexual resilience, or as he claimed: “just to get in the mood!” They contain the substance dopamine, which raises the intimate desire in both sexes. These extremely rare delicacies can be eaten raw, heavily sluiced down with lemon juice, or prepared in a simple, but a fancy meal.

Sages Such As Crayfish Tend To Move Backwards

Crayfish soup is thought to be very effective in increasing sexual desire and it is popular in a lot of countries and continents like South Africa. The most expensive soup in the world was named “Fish Broth A la Lady Morgan” and it contains among other ingredients a bottle of champagne, eel, turbot, the meat of crayfish stirred in butter and 24 tails from crayfish. The creator of this culinary magic is the king of chefs, and the chef of kings – Mary Antoine Careme. Legend has it, that when he had to start working for the famous minister of several rulers Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord – the employer gave him one condition – to invent a menu for one whole year in which no meal repeats itself. Careme is probably one of the last representatives of this great epoch in the French culinary art when a sauce Béchamel needed at least 12 hours to be prepared, and yet the meals were incredibly lavish delicious, and flamboyant.

Crab Is Happiest When Floating In The Sea

The Greek philosopher Aristotle was so fascinated with the life of this creature, that he wrote the first in the world short essay on crabs. Without a doubt, the most interesting crabs of all are the Romantic Fiddler Crabs of Central America – well known for their particular wooing behavior. They were symbols of love and fertility. They use a sort of Crab Morse code in their nighttime courting rituals when the males send to the females love messages in the dark as a rhythmic signal that says to the female crabs: “Here I am, come and make love to me!” Is crab meat an aphrodisiac? In the folklore of Western Civilization, all the seafood is credited with this quality. Since the primeval sea was the source of all life, for many people seafood is sex food.

Things That Excite You: Pastry, Lobster, Or Love

The Lobster is not simply one of the most expensive foods in the world. The Lobster is considered to be the strongest aphrodisiac. That probably roots in this sea food’s ability to enhance the common health of the body, including its sexual potency. Lobsters are also related to luxury and associated with high life. When this sea delicacy was first discovered in the 14-15th century by European nobles, the sea creatures were extremely difficult to fish and transfer. Nowadays lobster is the ultimate romantic dinner. It is the most popular meal for a marriage proposal. Devouring it is a ritual for celebrating anniversaries. When it comes to the foods of love, the American Lobster Homarus Americanus is unique. Seasoned with garlic this seafood becomes a really potent aphrodisiac.

The Lobster Telephone, also famous as “Aphrodisiac Telephone” is a surreal object created in 1936 by Salvador Dali for the poet Edward James, who collected surrealist art. It is both merry and menacing. According to Dali lobsters and phones had strong sexual implications. For the New York World’s Fair in 1939 Dali created a multimedia performance called The Dream of Venus – which partly consisted in dressing nude models in attires made of fresh seafood and photographed by Horst. The model’s sexual organs were covered by lobsters. Dali often loved to nap in the afternoon with live lobsters walking upon his bed. Other times he created gastronomical adventures which can give you sleepless nights – like lobsters marinated in “Viking” herbs.

How About The Scientific Point Of View?

It seems that the research on this subject is still very active and quite inconclusive. Especially Western medicine does not claim that any particular food enhances sensual desires or intercourse performance. However seafood has been considered aphrodisiac for millennia, and they have got the psychological placebo effect: people believe in their sexual properties. To medical expert, this seems more like a rumor than anything else. However, foods and eating can suggest sex to the mind, which then stimulates intense desire in the body. So according to science – it is all in our heads.

Food And Sex

For the survival of our human kin, the most basic human drives are food and sex. The preparation of meals in many ways resembles lovemaking – we use the same senses: olfactory, vision, taste. The moments of preparation and consumption of the meal is capable of stirring sensuality and create the craved romance. We cook and we make love not only to satisfy our bodily needs but also those of the soul. Let’s face it – all of us want better sex lives.

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