10 Amazing Alcoholic Beverages Prepared With Nuts

Nuts and alcohol had always gone hand in hand, as the spirit beverages tend to taste even better with an accompaniment of some delicious, crunchy kernels like almonds, hazelnuts or peanuts. But, those amazing nuts could taste just as good mixed inside your favorite type of liquor. Maybe the fine and unique blends between the two can even surprise you sometimes. It is possible that you didn’t even know that some of your favorite cocktails contain nut-flavored beverages that give them their fabulous taste. You love almonds – the famous Godfather is prepared with Scottish whiskey and a splash of Amaretto. Or maybe you are more into hazelnuts, well then you should try Irish Hazelnut Cream – made with Frangelico and Irish Whisky. It is a perfect way to add a dash of sweetness to your meal.

1. The Amaretto and Almonds

This almond-flavored liquor is one of the most famous alcoholic beverages that come from Italy. Meaning literally “a little bitter” – this tasty drink can be enjoyed by itself as a fine glass of liquor. Amaretto can also be utilized for cooking, preparing of desserts and even as an ice-cream flavoring. It can be added to a cup of coffee for achieving a richer taste to the drink as well. The legend about the origins of this liquor can be traced to Bernardino Luini, who was Leonardo da Vinci’s student.

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He was presented with the task to paint a church. Since he needed a model in order to paint the portrait of the Virgin Merry he asked a young widow to serve as one. It is thought that they soon became lovers. In order to thank him and show her love, the woman made a drink with what spares products she had – apricot nuts, mixed with brandy. Most famous brands are Amaretto Di Saronno and Lazzaroni Amaretto.
Cocktails made with Amaretto: Godfather, Alabama Slammer, Blow Job, French Connection.

2. The Dumante Verdenoce and Pistachios

Prepared in Italy only with homegrown Sicilian pistachios, this alcoholic drink is a very delicate and interesting one. The Dumante Verdenoce is the kind of a liquor that should be drunk slowly, savored and enjoyed for a long time. It is distilled in small batches and probably has been made with an idea inspired from a recipe given by the Bronte family. Sometimes mixed with the gentle aroma of Madagascar vanilla or Espresso, it is a perfect ingredient in preparing desserts and appetizers.
Cocktails made with Dumante: Chocolat- Pistachios Martini, Dumante Sour

3. The Frangelico and Hazelnuts

This hazelnut and herb concoction is made in the city of Canale, Italy. There is a story about the origin of the name of this drink. The legend states that it is probably named after the painter Fra Angelico, who was a Dominican. Maybe it is not a coincidence that the bottle resembles the silhouette of a Franciscan friar. The release of this liquor was during the 1980s. It is frequently used in cocktails and is often added to coffees for a little kick.
Cocktails made with Frangelico: Alaskan Polar Bear, Better Than Sex, Celeste Sunrise

4. The Ratafia and Peach or Cherry Kernels

This type of sweet alcohol has many varieties and is made mostly in France, Italy, and Spain. It can be produced with added flavors like lemon peels, nutmeg, mint, rosemary and of course, it contains peach or cherry kernels, even bitter almonds. Since it is known that the peach and cherry kernels, as well as the bitter almond, has amygdalin it is very important to have the right amount of those ingredients. Otherwise, the drink might become poisonous.
Cocktails made with Ratafa: Ratafia de Noix

5. The Nocello and Walnuts

Made in Province of Modena, Italy it was first produced in the region of Emilia-Romagna. Nocello has caramel, vanilla, and rich walnut notes, beautifully blended together, to produce this delicious liquor. It is considered that these kinds of alcohol beverages were produced since medieval times. Nocello won a gold medal in 2004 at the International Wine and Spirit Competition in the United Kingdom.
Cocktails made with Nocello: Noci Bruciate, Sparkling Chocolate Truffle, Walnut Brown Martini, Misty Maiden

6. Castries Crème and Peanuts

A liquor made from peanuts might sound a little too strange, but this creamy goodness is actually really tasty. It is said to resemble the taste of a peanut butter milkshake. Like most peanut-based alcohols Castries Creme is made with rum. It also has cinnamon and brown sugar added to better the flavor.
Cocktails made with Castries Creme: Dulce Y Salado, Van Gough Peanut Butter Cup

7. Rivulet and Pecan

Made with only the best slow-distilled brandy Rivulet is made in small batches, taking the time to perfect everything that goes inside of it. This pecan liquor is an amazing blend of sensations – caramel, orange, vanilla, and cinnamon, topped off with tasty pecans. Rivulet had won many awards, including the latest – Gold medal in 2017 at the San Diego Spirit and Cocktail Competition.
Cocktails made with Rivulet: Brown Recluse, High Seas Drifter, Chai Harder

8. Kahana Royale and Macadamia

This alluring drink comes from Maui, Hawaii. Kahana in Hawaiian translates as “turning point”. They use locally harvested macadamia nuts, produced from at least 15-year-old trees to make it. It is to be drunk straight or in cocktails.
Cocktails made with Kahana Royale: Hawaiian Night Dream, Hala-Kahiki’s Kamehameha Chocolate Copy

9. Malibu and Coconuts

A delicious and exotic kind of rum, produced in Barbados it is owned by Pernod Richard. This drink is a perfect ingredient to any cocktail as its sweet and nutty taste makes it ideal for a fun and flavorsome drink. This one is perfect for the hot, summer days.
Cocktails made with Malibu: Malibu Sun breeze, Sex Appeal, Call a Cab

10. Beso Extremeno and Acorns

Best consumed cold and with a dessert, this Spanish-made liquor is very unique. Beso – translates like “kiss”. This beverage has strong fruity and floral notes that combine beautifully with the acorn-y nutty flavor. It leaves you with a lingering sweet taste after each sip.
Cocktails made with Beso Extremeno: Royal Oak

Image Copyright: Turku Gingerbread, License: CC BY 2.0

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