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When we think about nutcrackers, there are two images that come to our minds. The first one is the traditional German nutcracker soldiers and alike and then the one that is usually in our kitchen’s drawer along with other utensils. Of course, some of the first types are not really functional as the Mary Beth Albright from National Geographic shares with us in her article “Why fancy nutcrackers do not actually crack nuts”.

There is a third totally new kind of nutcrackers, which offer completely different approach. This is the patented nutcracker by Drosselmeyer.

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Few Historical Facts

The oldest nutcracker knows to use that is made from metal, dates back to 300-400 BC. We assume that before that, people just used stoned to crack nuts. 500 years ago the woodcarvers in Germany began making beautiful and functional nutcrackers from wood. Then some 200 years ago people invented the screw nutcrackers, that were very simple in the beginning but then they became more and more decorated.

The traditional German nutcrackers appeared in Germany about two-three hundred years ago. Then in 1816, Hoffmann wrote his novel “The Nutcracker and the King of Mice”, which inspired Chaikovsky to create his famous “Nutcracker”. The music became a holiday tradition and main reason for people to associate nutcrackers with Christmas.

Decorative Nutcrackers and Nutcracker Collections

Nutcrackers come in all sizes and shapes. Soldiers, different famous characters, animals and so on. Some of them are functional, while others are just made to bring joy and be displayed.
Some nutcrackers are even collectible and classified as vintage and rare. Ask Carol and Robert whose collection numbers more than 200 nutcrackers.

A good example is the Drosselmeyer nutcracker with its outstanding design. Some of the people who buy it mention the “cool factor” this nutcracker has. Many people define it as a “conversation piece” that will be displayed in the kitchen and will always attract interest from the guests. The most definitive achievement of this nutcracker tool is the fact that it is displayed at the Swedish National Museum.

Nutcracker manufacturers

The most famous manufacturers of nutcrackers are Steinbach, Kurt Adler, Fuchtner, Ulbricht and of course Drosselmeyer Design Group. There are also many small companies or independent craftsmen that make traditional German Nutcrackers or Christmas nutcrackers.

In the Kitchen

The Wrench Type

This is the classical Nutcracker that you have in your kitchen drawer. It is usually made of steel, requires a firm grip and a lot of caution since you can pinch a finger or worse. Shell shreds also fly all around the house when you use it. Usually, it is made of stainless steel and the prices vary from few dollars to hundreds. You have to check that it is not too heavy for you. It should be sturdy. You have to be able to hold it firm. Also, consider the size of the nuts you are going to crack. Some nuts are just too big for most nutcrackers on the market. It is also very important what type of nuts you would like to crack. For example, for macadamia nuts and for black walnuts we recommend that you try and look for a specialized nutcracker, as both have a very hard shell and it is almost impossible to break them with a normal nutcracker.

New Design

The Drosselmeyer Nutcracker has a totally new design and it is patented so you will not see this one on the market offered by any other company. One of the main concerns of the buyer is the mess they make with the Nutcracker. In the case with the Drosselmeyer, the mess is contained in the cylinder and the only thing you need to do is to gently put your hand on the cylinder to prevent shells from flying around the room. Most of the people who used the product are impressed by the fact that it is very safe to use even by children. No sore and pinched fingers and hands, no bruises and pain. You can use it for hours and your hands will not hurt. You also do not need to press too strong because the special design allows even a weak pressure to do the job. A lot of clients with arthritic hands use this Nutcracker and it seems they do it effortlessly. So it seems that all the important characteristics that a nutcracker must have such as, easy to use, safety, cool design, no mess are present in the Drosselmeyer nutcracker.

Specialty Nutcrackers

There are of course a variety of bigger and heavier nutcrackers that you can mount on your table and will do a great job with harder shelled nuts such as macadamia or English walnuts. These are usually more expensive and take someplace.

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