20 Unusual Uses of Tea

Tea has been the preferred beverage of choice for many generations since ancient times. Afternoon tea had turned out to be quite a social affair. Оr an alternative medicinal miracle when a tea is used for its health benefits. This tasty herbal brew has countless varieties, but it can also be used in many different ways that could actually surprise you.

  1. Clean Your Wooden Furniture with Tea

If you need a natural way to clean your wooden furniture, tea is a good alternative. It has the ability to dissolve oils and treat your furniture with delicacy, giving them a slight shine. Use some freshly boiled tea brew with a soft cloth to clean and buff the furniture up.  Use green tea for lighter wooden surfaces and black tea is good for darker ones.

  1. How to Clean Your Mirror with Tea

We all love a clean, shiny mirror. You can achieve that by using a tea concoction. Simply brew some strong tea and let it cool off. You can use an old spray bottle for convenience to store it. Utilize a soft cloth to clean the mirrored surfaces, making them look spotless.

  1. How to Remove Odor from the Fridge with Tea

Tea leaves have the ability to absorb smells, so they are a wonderful choice if you want to keep your fridge fresh. Place a bowl of dry tea leaves in there and they will soak the unwanted odors. Never boil tea from the leaves after using them in this way though, since they lose their benefits and will probably taste pretty unpleasant.

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  1. Natural Fertilizer for Your Garden

Don’t throw away used tea, just put it around your garden and give your plants a little nutritional boost. Tea is a good way to keep your flowers looking on point. Tea bags can also be used as compost. And don’t worry, thanks to the special materials the tea bags are made of, it won’t be an issue.

  1. How to Scent Your House Using Tea

As we already mentioned tea has very strong absorbing powers, hence it can easily be made into a freshener. If you like doing DIY, you can do it yourself without a lot of effort, adding your favorite aroma to some dried, used tea leaves. A cool idea is to use some scented tea bags for a drawer sachets. Not into DIY – there is also a huge choice of already scented teas you can buy from the store. One of our favorite variations includes caramel and vanilla scented teas.

  1. How to Absorb the Moisture at Your Home with Tea Bags

In case there is a place that gets s a little too humid for your liking around your house, you can always use a bag of tea there to absorb the moisture. It is easy, natural and a good choice if you are not a fan of the harsher, chemical alternatives.

  1. Rust Prevention with Tea

Tea contains tannins, which have the ability to prevent oxidation. So it is a good way to keep your cast iron utilities looking like new. Just use a soaked tea bag to wipe out the surface after it has been cleaned properly and let it dry.

  1. How to Remove Fish or Garlic Smell from Your Hands with Tea

No one likes the smell of fish or garlic that is left on the hands after cooking. But using tea successfully removes the unpleasant odor from the skin. Same goes for your feet. A daily bath with some freshly brewed tea can be a pleasant and effective treatment for the unwanted case of stinky feet.

  1. How to Have Fresh Breath Using Tea

In case of a toothache or any kind of mouth infections tea is a very helpful remedy that can not only sooth your problem but also leaves you with fresh breath. Peppermint tea is perfect in such cases as it has menthol, that helps with the pain and it is also an antiseptic. Plus the peppermint tea smells amazing so it will give you a nice, crisp breath.

  1. How to Get Richer Hair Colour Using Tea

Tea comes in great variety so you can get all kinds of colors like red, green, yellow and amber from a brew. This comes very handily in connection to your hair, as tea has the ability to enrich and enhance your hair color, making it shiny and healthy – looking. Just prepare a strong tea concoction in your desired color and apply it to your hair every day.

  1. Tea Can Tenderize Your Meat

Who doesn’t like a delicious, tender steak? You can easily achieve that by soaking the meat in a black tea marinate. The tannins will act as a tenderizer.

  1. How to Create Vintage Look on New Fabrics with Tea

People always like to look back in time and this has made its print on fashion, design, and art as well. In case you want to make something to look a little older and give it that vintage feeling – tea is an easy shortcut. Soaking light fabrics in a strong tea gives them a distinct yellowish color that is associated with something older and antique.

  1. How to Use Tea to Alleviate Skin Irritation

The green tea anti-inflammatory powers can help in case of skin irritations and reduce any redness. You can apply it directly on the skin with a soft cloth.

  1. How to Use Tea in Cooking

Boil some tea in a broth or milk to use in your dishes while you cook. Tea can give your food a very specific taste that you will love. Just let your imagination go wild. Green and Black tea are also perfect for achieving a “smoked” taste for meats and fish.

  1. How to Treat Sunburns with Green Tea

If you have to spend a whole day out in the sun and you have forgotten your sunscreen do not despair. It might sound a little alternative, but why not use some green tea to protect yourself from sunburns? Just apply it directly on your skin.

  1. How to Treat Acne with Tea

Green tea works as an anti-acne remedy due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammation powers. A simple swap with a cotton bowl, soaked in the tea can help improve your skin’s condition.

  1. Tea to Stop Bleeding

Since tea contains tannins, which has the ability to coagulate blood, applying a cool tea bag on a damaged area or directly the liquid itself can stop the bleeding

  1. Tea for Tummy Ache

A cup of chamomile tea can do miracles for your stomach. The warm drink is full of essential oils that work wonders for the digestive system. It relaxes and soothes the whole body.

  1. Tea for Puffy Eyes

This beauty trick is so old, but there is a reason it kept for so long. Putting warm tea bags on your eyes can reduce puffiness and reduce black circles due to the tannins it contains.

  1. Tea makes you Smarter

Green tea has caffeine, which is a known stimulant. It can also improve the way your brain works, make you more vivid and help you remember things easier.

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