Walnuts, Pistachios and Reproductive Health in Men

Walnuts and fertility

Think about the walnut and the refreshing feeling it gives to your palate with its fairly mild, earthy, tart, nutty, sweet flavor. What can feel better than this besides lovemaking? Scientists found out that the walnuts can also mess with your reproduction capabilities. But how?
Walnuts are wonderful for increasing the number of sperm cells since they contain zinc and the antioxidant Vitamin E. A research, which has been recently published in the magazine Biology of Reproduction discovered, that eating walnuts on a daily basis can help improve the quality of reproductive fluid in men, in their prime. The research revealed that consuming just 75 grams of walnuts daily enhances the vitality, mobility, and accidence of sperm in robust men.

The study was supported by the California Walnut Commission and it concentrated on evaluating the properties of sperm of 117 healthy, young men between 21 and 35. Half of them consumed 75 grams of walnuts every day in the procession of 12 weeks. As a result, men from both groups surprisingly did not gain weight. They did not change significantly in their body composition or activity.
However, the participants from both groups had their semen quality explored according to its fertility traits: concentration, mobility, vitality, and morphology. Amazingly, the men who consumed walnuts every day exhibited improvement in all aspects.

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Pistachio – the key to male sexual longevity

We know that stress influences our physical well-being negatively, and from this often suffer sexual health and activity. Research has shown multiple times that especially pistachio among the nuts contains a large number of nutritional elements, which influence and maintain the male sexual health wonderfully well.

There is hardly anything more troublesome for young, healthy men than the inability to perform in bed. The daily consummation of only 30 grams of pistachio significantly helps the male potency. This is because in pistachio there are 4 basic ingredients for improving the erectile function, among them zinc and non-saturated fatty acids.
Scientists now know that pistachio affects the men’s sexual abilities.

It lowers the risk of impotence significantly. But how? Often men in their forties suffer from erectile dysfunction, which is the inability to reach erection sufficient for the completion of a sexual intercourse. Isn’t that terrible? It happens mostly to men who suffer from diabetes or high blood pressure.
152 million people in this world have an erectile dysfunction.

The amino acid arginine which is famous as a natural stimulant for sexual desire is often applied in the treatment of erectile disturbance. Pistachio is a strong source of arginine in large doses. Pistachio contains much more antioxidants than Green Tea, blueberries or red wine. So instead of feasting on red wine, prepare for intimacy by munching on some pistachio – which also tastes fabulous.
The regular consummation of these nuts supplies the organism with 4 percent of the daily dose of folates. The results of a research conducted by the University of Barkley (California) proved categorically that in men consuming folates, the vitality of the sperm cells significantly improves.

The miraculous pistachio supplies the organism with zinc – the mineral which boosts the sexual might, by helping the production of the male hormone – testosterone. The hormone on its side effects the development of the male sexual organs and the process of growth of sperm cells.

To evaluate this effect, we need to know that the low levels of testosterone are related to decreased libido, sterility, loss of muscle tissue, helplessness. Lack of testosterone worsens the work power, concentration, motivation, and makes the person moody and depressed.

Nuts Aphrodisiacs

How a man has a direct influence on his fertility through his diet? How can eating nuts boost your sexual life? Well, they are famous in their application as aphrodisiacs.

An aphrodisiac is a word, whose name comes from the name of “Aphrodite” – the Goddess of Love, Sexual Attraction and Beauty from the Greek Mythology. It is used to denote a substance which enhances the sexual desire in men and women of reproductive age. Nuts are a class of foods that have figured as aphrodisiacs from ancient times, and they are proven to spark romance. They boost sexual desire in both sexes. They give us great love chemistry: they influence not only the desire but also the ability for sexual performance. Phosphorus contained in them is an element great for sensuality. Nuts also improve the action of the nervous system and the center of pleasure. 100 grams of peanuts before the intercourse will turn it into an unforgettable sexual experience.
Of course, an unforgettable sensual experience is also the first taste of nut-flavored ice cream. It has got a strong and unique taste.

Nuts Upon You

In the dictionary of American Slang (1997) “nuts” is described as “infatuated, fascinated or obsessed” To be nuts upon it – means to be very much gratified or pleased, with anything. So a person who has got a strong inclination for someone of the opposite sex is called “nuts upon them.” This is one more of the reasons we relate nuts with sexual activity. They are the food you can eat between your meals, for your sexual appetite.

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