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Bring me a cup of tea and the ‘Times.’
– Queen Victoria on her accession to the British throne

It is well-known that the herbal treatment is as ancient as the world. Many contemporary herbs have been used therapeutically for thousands of years. Children believe that every time a herb is planted, a flower fairy is born. Teas are also very appropriate for the prevention of various illnesses. Man strives to eat healthily and tea gives him the chance to drink healthy as well, for tea is truly therapeutic.
“Come, let us have some tea and talk about happy things…”


Also renowned as the Miraculous Tea of the Incas and part of the American Indian folklore, lapacho is derived from an evergreen tree blossoming in pink, called Red Lapacho which grows in South America. Lapacho is also named “the ant tree” because the only insects that have been observed on a Red Lapacho are the ants. Its inner bark’s taste slightly reminds that of vanilla and the tea made from it is an irreplaceable cure.
Lapacho is used against inflammation and instead of an antibiotic and it is also employed in the treatment of a significant number of illnesses from ordinary colds to chronic sinusitis. It is also extremely toxic to a variety of cancer cells. Lapacho contains a large number of healthy and precious chemical elements – among them calcium, potassium, iron and boron, iodine and manganese.

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The dignities of this tea and its exotic taste can be appreciated only by a true connoisseur of the flavors.


The word “chamomile” comes from the Greek “chaima melon” – which means “ground apple.” After a rain, the lacy green leaves of this herb and its small daisy-shaped flowers emit the clear scent of an apple.

Chamomile has got a universal magical effect on human health. It is probably the most popular remedy amongst herbs. It has been used as a cure for centuries – even in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Egyptians applied it to heal severe fever, it was also used for avoiding nightmares. For the Anglo-Saxons, the chamomile was one of the nine sacred herbs for prevention of disease and treatment of wounds. During the Middle Ages, people start using it against multiple conditions such as asthma, high temperature, inflammation, nervous issues, skin problems, even cancer.

If you apply the tea of chamomile to your hair after bathing several times, it will eventually make it fairer. It also acts as a sedative. It is often and most successfully combined with honey and vanilla.


Peppermint’s name is a derivation of Minthe. Minthe was a nymph in Greek mythology, who had the disaster to be loved by Hades and eventually his jealous wife, the Goddess of the Underworld turned her into an insignificant plant. Legend has it that to alleviate her sufferings Hades sweetly scented her small, green leaves. With its cool refreshing taste peppermint makes for a pleasant, wholesome and soothing beverage for drinking. It is excellent for the digestive system, relieves pain and treats the infection.


For many peoples from the past, the Elder has been the sacred tree of the Goddess, and there was a ban to cut it down or burn it since people believed that the Dryad who lives in it will revenge to the man who dared to overstep this prohibition. Allegedly, the Elder has magical properties as well: it can chase the mean powers away, protect, clean the space etc. It is the mightiest elixir for the immune system. It is a miraculous plant and a balancing super-food. It combines well with brier for a strong antiviral effect.


According to the legends, the magnanimous Gods gave their people the Rooibos tea as a source of good health, eternal youth, longevity, and energy. It is a unique plant, which grows only around Cape Town, South Africa. Among its people, the Rooibos has become their national and daily, toning, and soft drink. Rooibos is especially suitable for vegetarians because it supplies the body with iron. It is so harmless, it can be received by little children. Rooibos tastes sweet, without the use of any sweetener. It gives energy, stabilizes health and even extends life. Very popular among tea drinkers, it has got positive effect upon human organism and its incredible qualities gain more and more admirers. It is recommended for allergies, depressions, nervous disorders. Combine rooibos with vanilla, lemon, or forest strawberries for a treat of the palate.


Ginger is native to Asia, where it has been used for at least 4000 years. Sip a cup of hot ginger tea on a cold winter night and you will appreciate its warming properties since it improves circulation by opening gently the blood vessels in the feet and hands. That will warm your toes and prevent you from getting sick. Ginger can cleanse your organism and help you get slimmer – as the tea from ginger contains some active substances which speed the metabolism up and boost its immune system.

Herbal Concoctions

A herb is a plant whose leaves, blossoms, stems or roots is used for food, flavoring, scent or medicine, and of course for making tea. Unlike the ordinary tea, they contain no tannin and are harmless and beneficial to the normal diet. Side effects can be caused by the overuse of some common herbs. You need to consult a trained herbalist to recommend the most appropriate treatment. The herbs are easily accepted by the organism, with no toxic changes. The teas with healing effect are the best weapon against diseases. The Emperor Shen Nun said that tea awakens the good spirit and the wise thoughts. It refreshes the soul. If you are broken and fallen spiritually, the tea will encourage you. Tea is healing not only for the body but for the human psyche. One sip is capable of filling your heart with warmth. It spreads its miraculous flavor and treats you finely.

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