Ten Beers With a Nutty Taste

Beer. Who does not love it? Nuts. Who does not love them? Beer and nuts. Who does not love this combination? What about beer that has a nutty flavor? We are crazy about nuts and we go to extreme lengths to find out everything that is nuts related on this planet.

1.Noa Pecan Mud Cake – Double Beer  – ABV: 11%

Dark brown, almost black this beer has an aroma of chocolate cake with pecans. The taste is fruity and sour with an aftertaste of wood – smoked ash roast malts. This beer is perfect – sweet enough, with subtle bitter nuances. There is strong alcohol and nice nuttiness, which with the light chocolate contributes to a delicious sharp aroma. The beer is an interesting blend – the taste is balanced, it’s a wholly different beer and it’s beautiful.

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2. Mexican Cake Imperial Stout – Bourbon Coconut – ABV:10.5%

The scent is strong chocolate and bourbon, with notes of dark chocolate and cocoa, also toffee, cinnamon, roasted malts, vanilla, coconut – it is really, really intense. Wow. Sip. Wow. Tastes of rich dark chocolate, which is not bitter. A feeling of decadence, modest bourbon, faint taste of vanilla, light warming from the pepper – it’s really a killer beer.  One sip – it is as if you are biting into a dark chocolate bar – sweet velvet goodness. It’s intense but well balanced, awesome stuff – you really have to try it. It’s got a very, very complicated taste, but it’s all worth it. Cheers!

3. Rochefort – ABV: 9.2%

Rochefort is a beer from Belgium, the city of Rochefort, and there are three brands of it, we are interested in Rochefort 8 (green bottle cap). So after you crack a bottle of Rochefort 8, your senses are attacked by foam sizzling like the wash of the ocean. It looks fizzy like a Cola and has got a saturated red-brownish color. Nose is fantastic, spicy, so fruity, it’s like jam, it’s like a hint of strawberry jam, and the taste is “oh, yes!” : toffee, jammy, spicy, almondy – it’s a real treat to the palate, with a hint of cherry cola – there is an almost confectionary taste to this beer.

4. Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Beer – ABV: 5%

It’s a traditional brew of New Yorkshire and it’s a lovely looking beer – golden amber, deep mahogany in color. It’s for those who fancy something traditional for the evening. It smells nice, simple and traditional – a soft British fruit flavor, and it tastes so drinkable that you can see why it has such a big market in the USA. It’s a very nutty beer and it’s got that lovely, warming, bitter feel to it, one can sense a little bit of caramel in it – and at the moment you take the first sip  – you are a fan.

5.Alesmith Nut Brown Ale – ABV:5%

There are summer and Christmas versions of the Alesmith. The Nut Brown Ale looks as auburn hair into the light. Poured it looks solid brown with hints of mahogany. The flavor is rich in nuttiness, joined by a little bit of coffee, it smells nice, it looks inviting. In the flavor, there is an assortment of nuts, like peanuts, cashews and pecans, cocoa sweetness. In the mouth, it feels silky and smooth and truly drinkable. It has got nutty qualities, hints of cocoa, and a moderate sweetness.

6. Crate Brewery American Nut Brown Ale – ABV: 5.2%

A lovely dark, roasty looking beer, and the aroma is “good Gracious, oh my Goodness!” It’s just so nutty. It’s probably the nuttiest brown ale that you have ever had. It’s a beer for real men: rich, dense, creamy, luxurious, mouth-filling, roasted malts from start to finish, nice hot bitterness on the back end, but it’s all about that peanut flavor in the beer, it tastes fantastic. It integrates so well with that roasted malts, chocolaty, caramel, it’s like a glass of Snickers – really wonderful, wonderful stuff!

7. Naglfare Nut Brown Ale – ABV: 4.7%

It’s a beer from Norway with a Viking can design, and you certainly want to hear it crack. Like most dark ales it smells really fantastic. The aroma is very nutty, very biscuity, a few chocolate malts. Taste is nutty, bready like a bun, and together with the milky mouthful, and the spicy hot finish – all comes together to produce a wonderful beer, a top-quality and fantastic brew. You will want to visit Norway, where they produce a really lovely beer. Rating by a connoisseur is nine out of ten.

8. Ch’ti Beer – ABV: 6-8%

An original French ale recipe – from the Northern part of France, Ch’ti Beer comes in several brands. Ch’ti amber is distinguished ale with reddish-amber color, almost coppery, 5% alcohol content. It is a powerful and aromatic beer. From the fragrance point of view, spiced caramel notes emerge, along with notes of toasted and roasted malts. It also scents of caramel, forest fruit, roasted nuts, butter, and honey. The notes of biscuits and caramel come together perfectly to create a highly refined and balanced beer. The first sip, makes you think you want another with friends.

9. Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar – ABV:6%

Have you ever opened a chocolate bar? This is how your senses are attacked by the scent of Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar. A nutty, almost like peanut butter heavy style, hazelnut chocolate bar, it smells like complete heaven. You’ll get to love this beer. You can see yourself buying it over and over again. It has got a golden medal – at the Great American Beer Festival 2011-2012 at the specialty beer category. That’s the kind of beer you crack open for family and friends who thought that beer is generally blunt and boring.

10. Black Wych – ABV:5%

Start with a measure of alluringly rich, dark malt and allow the bitterness to creep in. Watch out for the caramel sweetness lurking behind. It smells promising. You will get that nuttiness with the first sip, and just a tiny hint of fruitiness, dark fruit, really nice. You will be pleasantly surprised.  The only disadvantage is its price, but the beverage is divine. This magical drink has got an extraordinary taste. It is impossible to describe, you have to try it – it’s in reality beer perfection.

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