10 Main Course Dishes With Nuts As Dominant Ingredient

Around the world, nuts are renowned as healthy ingredients of super delicious meals. Here are some beloved dishes for which nuts are primordial:

1. Shrimp Biryani with Cashews

Traditionally every element of this tasty Indian meal is prepared separately, then ordered in a dish and baked in the oven. The cashews add to it their characteristic smooth buttery flavor and a tasty crunch. It is prepared with the basmati-rice – an Indian variation of aromatic rice. The Indian word “basmati” means exactly “fragrant.” Garam masala is a mixture of spices, which is the foundation of many Indian recipes. It mainly contains cumin, ginger, peppercorns, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, bay leaves and coriander seeds. The cashews are sauteed until they are golden and seasoned generously with salt.

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2. Nutty Mussels

In the Parisian Restaurant 21 Magazine,  chef Paul Minchili changes the seafood industry. He combines textures and flavors, which demonstrate the best qualities of fish and shellfish. This dish inspired by him is so heady with flavor, that you will never be able to resist it. As the mussels open from the steam of their own juice, the hazelnuts settle inside the shell and every mouthful is a burst of taste. There is no need to remove the skins of hazelnuts in this recipe, as the entire nut adds goodness to the meal. It is served with fresh bread.

3. Spiced Mackerel In Parchment With Pine Nuts

Many people describe mackerel’s taste as “strong.” Cooked in its own juices, delicately wrapped up in parchment and seasoned with sweet spices, then topped with toasted pine nuts – opinion about the mackerel is completely reversed. For the meal, the pine nuts are prepared in a small skillet, over medium heat and shaken so often that they toast evenly until they are golden in color.

4. Fish Fillets Stuffed with Dill, Pine Nuts, and Parsley

The better fish for this beloved Swedish recipe is herring, which is available for a very short period. Pine nuts are part of the staffing, sauteed with garlic over medium heat, stirred and shaken so often so that they become evenly brown and golden – for about 7 minutes. Then they are minced with the herbs and the lemon zest, and a teaspoon olive oil. The meal is served immediately after cooking.

5. Marinated Fish With Sesame And Macadamia

This is a simple but seductive recipe. Who can resist the sprinkled toasted coconuts and the sweet taste of toasted macadamias? The Hawaiians are the biggest producers of macadamia in the world and they use the nuts in their diet ubiquitously. Macadamia is the most caloric of nuts and tastes slightly as hazelnut does. This exotic delicacy can successfully be added to different fishes and poultry or consumed directly. Served with white wine.

6. Lamb Shoulder with Apricots and Walnuts

Lamb is a meat so versatile that it can be seasoned or plain, sweet, or salty, cut into pieces or left whole, grilled or braised. In this recipe, apricot marmalade and walnuts turn the lamb shoulder into a sour and sweet masterpiece. The herbs in the wine, which surround the lamb are aromatic additions, always choose fresh herbs over dried. Quality cinnamon is crucial for this recipe. It is mixed with the walnuts and the preserves and rubbed over the inside of the lamb shoulder. Over medium heat, the cooking juices need to be brought to a gentle boil in the baking dish. Taste for seasoning, drizzle with coconut juices and serve.

7. Pistachio And Pepper Stuffed Lamb Fillet

Fatih Babacon, who is the chef of the restaurant Mahana in Gaziantep, Turkey, prepares his own very special version of the traditional Antep Turkish dish. He uses the choicest possible ingredients and remains close to the Turkish tradition. In this recipe, a tender piece of lamb is flattened and rolled around a moist and fragrant stuffing of dark red pepper paste, yogurt, leeks, and pistachios, then quickly grilled over a wood fire. The pistachios are sprinkled atop the leeks. This meal would be perfect when served with French wine.

8. Roast Pork With Pistachios And Dried Apricots

Pistachios are raised in countries where pork is forbidden, yet they are often combined with pork in other cultures. In the French Cousin, for instance, it is hard to fix a pork pate, without the bright green of pistachio nuts adorning its texture. The pistachios are added mainly for the effect of their color, but also for the tender crunch. In this recipe, apricot and a bit of cardamom give the dish flair and sweetness. The pistachios are combined with the apricots and honey, a teaspoon of sea salt, cardamom and several grinds of pepper and mixed well. Then you have to taste and adjust the seasoning.

9. Duck Breast With Almonds, Garlic, and Cumin

Duck breast is one of the finest meats and the combination of toasted almonds, garlic and cumin is absolutely unique. The almonds are chopped, then sifted before they are cooked to a golden color in the duck fat, then they are added to softened onions, sprinkled with some cumin salt and drizzled with reduced orange juice. It all results in a dish, which looks as if you have spent a day preparing it – which you won’t.

10. Chicken with Walnuts and Pomegranate Molasses

There are so many flavors here, ranging from the pomegranate molasses to buttery walnuts, which give texture to the sauce and thicken it, to the delicious goodness of a farm-raised chicken. This work of art was inspired by the Middle East, where walnuts grow along with other nuts and where pomegranate grow wild and their fruit is available for everybody. The ground almonds are the last ingredient that is added to the sauce before it’s being thickened for 15-20 minutes.

With nuts as ingredients of the main course, you will spend an unforgettable evening. For many people, nuts are one of their guilty pleasures. As an ingredient nuts satisfy and their benefits for cooking meals are hard to ignore.

Image Copyright: Rachel Hathaway, License: CC BY 2.0

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