7 Hazelnut Delicacies That Are Irresistable

There is no elegant dinner without a tasty dessert – a cake, created with a complicated recipe, an impressive, appetizing and beautiful temptation. Who can resist a delicious bit of a cake?
The word cake is related to the Latin “coquere” – which means “to cook.” Chefs all around the globe pride themselves in creating astonishing, yet traditional cakes with tested and bested with time recipes. So in case you feel depressed, and things look tough and you think that you’ve had enough – bake a traditional cake! A cake soaked with hazelnut liqueur, caramel, and crunchy hazelnut. And no one does a delicacy like the French people do:

The French Meringue – Dacquoise

Amazingly the word “dacquoise” may be used to name and describe thousands of desserts. They have in common that hazelnut meringue and hazelnut praline, as well as a filling of coffee custard. The dacquoise meringue consists of finely chopped hazelnuts and a filling of stirred milk and coffee, and sugar. And in a traditional Dacquoise cake, you may add to that a pinch of finely ground nutmeg which is extremely exciting for the spirit. You can add to the mixture some rum for taste and exultation. Finally, you can add Eggnog – which is a sweetened milk beverage, made by milk, cream, sugar, stirred eggs, flavored with cinnamon and nutmeg, and there are even alcoholic versions of it. Eggnog is such a popular drink in both North and South America, especially in the holiday Christmas season and it is served so well with dacquoise.

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France, Candies, and Cake – Ferrero Rocher

Impress your guests with this classic celebrity taste. The well-known Ferrero Rocher chocolate bonbons consist of entire roasted nuts contained by delicious thin waffle, with hazelnut chocolate. Finally, everything is covered in creamy milk chocolate and ground hazelnuts and wrapped up beautifully. But these bonbons refuse to be just bonbons – they have to be a part of something bigger – a Ferrero Rocher cake, which is also prepared with love and the renowned mixture of Nutella. Now, Nutella from a jar can get you sweet-sick after a few spoons. In a Ferrero cake, though it’s heaven! The cake is a masterpiece and everybody is completely fascinated by its light, dreamy, layered, creamy, irresistible zest. You can’t say no to a Ferrero Rocher.

Italy – Torta Di Nocciole

The Italian hazelnut cake is a rustic dessert from Langhe. This region’s hazelnuts are considered to be the best hazelnuts in the world. This cake was mostly prepared in winter and autumn to employ the excess of hazelnuts in the cold spell. The Torta di Nocciole has an amazing flavor of freshly baked hazelnuts. The taste is not very sweet and it depends on how the nuts are roasted. Some cakes contain cocoa, some are flourless, others are not. Amazingly, the Torta di Nocciole is performed differently wherever you go. Practically every household, town and region knows a variety which is considered the most excellent. The different versions of the recipes are kept and performed in secret by the masterful chefs of this miraculous cake, however, the cake is clearly identifiable – it has got the color and smell of a hazelnut and light cream. It is served with some Muscat or raisin wine and tasted with a lot of enthusiasm.

Russia – Squirrel Belochka Cake

It is a festive, delicious and fragrant cake – you can prepare it on many special occasions. We love all the ingredients in this incredible cake, especially the roasted hazelnuts, chocolate and Dulche de Leche-Delish – which is all the goodness in the culinary world. Dulche de Leche – is a magical mixture of a milk-caramel sweetness often made for the preparation of desserts. It’s your guilty pleasure next to morning coffee. This cream often knocks chocolate down for the lovers of sweet. It combines so lovely with hazelnuts and people eat it in different desserts, tarts, in coffees, on toasts and all kinds of treats.

Italy – Chocolate and hazelnut cake (Torta gianduia)

How to be a home goddess? Learn to prepare a Torta Gianduia – the blissful blend of chocolate, hazelnut and your favorite fresh berries. This fantastic recipe is for a cake so indulgent and alluring for chocolate addicts. Surprisingly, this dessert tastes even better after one day. Torta Gianduia is a specialty of the Piedmont district and it is a blend of ground hazelnuts and chocolate.

Austrian Linzer Torte

It’s a cake coming from the city of Linz, Austria. It contains cinnamon and ground hazelnuts, jam, plum, butter and several other treats and is an Austrian holiday classic often consumed at Christmas. It is considered the oldest cake in the world. Its recipe dates back to 1606 and is found in the Landesmuseum. The invention of the Torte is related to several legends about a Viennese confectioner of the name of Linzer, who started its mass production which made the cake famous around the world.

Austrian Chocolate Hazelnut Pudding, Mohr Im Hemd

Especially in Vienna hazelnuts are key components from the recipe of the famous Mohr Im Hemd (Chocolate Hazelnut Pudding). The “Mohr im Hemd” means “moor in a shirt” and it’s a small, dark cake with sauce from hot chocolate and whipped cream. On the 14th of March 1888, Verdi’s opera “Othello” was performed at the Viennese Court Opera for the first night. Honoring the main character – a colored nobleman – many Viennese coffeehouses decided to offer a suitable cake. With its complicated recipe and the rich mixture – this cake is the ideal dessert for the chocoholic. It’s the perfect gift for the Day of the Enamored. It takes time and preciseness, but the result is unforgettable and it is well worth the effort.
Hand in hand they go in Austrian delicacies, this eternal combination: the hazelnut and the chocolate. When they speak of the classical, Viennese people do not mean Mozart, but these confections.
Hazelnuts taste in cakes and dishes cannot be beaten – savory or sweet combined with rich, deep and creamy chocolate – it tastes like heaven on a spoon. For tea time, it is proper to serve a cake – dark, moist and dense – and topped with crunchy hazelnuts. Because life is fantastic with a hazelnut cake, wouldn’t you say?  Fancy a slice of cake?

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