51 Curious Facts About The Nuts

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According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, the word “nut” comes from the Latin nux, which is akin to nucleus. No one believes it’s challenging to define “nuts.”  Still, even if they are widely popular as nuts, the peanut is defined as a legume, the coconuts as a drupe, and the Brazil nut as a seed. (1)
But we want to deal with them as well, for they generate similar benefits for the human well-being and can be consumed on a daily basis, as a part of healthy diet, and ingredients in organic cosmetics. So they do not meet the scientific definition, but they are still considered “nuts” in the culinary sense. A study of the Harvard School of Public Health discovered that women, who consumed nuts regularly, had 32% lower chance of enduring a heart attack compared to women who avoid nuts.

So, here are some Nuts And Amazing Facts About Them:

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1.The American Heart Association recommends consuming walnuts to protect your heart.

2.Walnuts bring about the death of cancerous cells in the colon.

3.They help against Type 2 Diabetes(2)

4.Walnuts supply us with vitamins B and E (acting as coenzymes and antioxidants respectively), and fatty acids (fat-soluble components of living cells). (1, 2).

5.They are really popular for supporting the brain functions.

6.They improve the semen of men of reproductive age – its vitality and quality.

7.The walnut trees have got a male and female reproductive organs. (1)

8.Walnut leaf extracts can help you get rid of acne.

.Some walnuts can help you fall asleep peacefully for they contain melatonin – a hormone which regulates your sleep.

10.Walnut oil keeps your skin soft and ageless.

11.Massaged in the scalp it treats dandruff or promotes hair growth.

12.The husk of the black walnut is used for the making of an ink used by several famous artists including Leonardo Da Vinci and Rembrandt(4)


13. The “balm of Gilead” was a rare perfume used as a universal cure in antiquity.  It was obtained from Pistacia lentiscus, an evergreen tree of the Pistacio Genus. The Legendary Queen of Sheba brought “the root of the balsam” as a present to King Solomon.(3)

14.Pistachio is incredibly good for health: it reduces cholesterol, reduces the development of diabetes, boosts the immune system, and supplies beneficial vitamins.

15.Rich-flavored Pistachio butter and Nutella are a treat for the soul. One’s mouth waters only at the thought of this combination.

16.The Pistachio is among the healthiest cooking oils.

17.Pistachio helps supply oxygen to the cells and improves the ability of the body to fight infections.

18.Your skin gets more beautiful when you supply it with vitamin E contained in these nuts.

19.They are very low in calories.

20.They promote healthy vision.


21. The hazelnut was first cultivated by the Chinese, more than 5000 years ago.

22.The nut name comes from the Anglo-Saxon “heasel,” which means “bonnet” – a type of hat which much resembles the shape of the hazelnut.

23.75 percent of all hazelnuts in the world are produced in Turkey. That amounts to 625,000 tons of hazelnuts.

24.They are found in many chocolate products.

25.They keep your digestive system healthy.

26.The hazelnut tree blooms and pollinates in the midst of the winter season.

27.Some people must always have hazelnut creamer for their coffee.

28.Hazelnut is used as an ingredient in cosmetics and personal care products, mainly for the skin.

29.On the First of June, Americans celebrate National Hazelnut Cake Day.


30.These beautiful trees grew in the village streets of New England.

31.American chestnuts are presumably much sweeter than the European ones, so Colonial cooks often used them in desserts and snacks and made fried chestnut fritters traditionally served with oysters. (6)

32.They can be milled into flour.

33.They are the only nuts containing Vitamin C.


34.The cashews are also known as Indian Nuts.

35.They are not nuts, but nut-like drupe seeds.

36.The cashew actually grows from the bottom of the cashew apple.

37.The shells and the skins have to be removed before cashew oil is made – the oil in the shells is really toxic for humans and can even damage the skin.

38.The oil extracted from the nuts themselves is rich in protein that’s needed for energy.

39.It is also used in cosmetic production. It has got antibacterial, nourishing and toning properties, it soothes and softens the skin. It promises eternal youth as well. It rejuvenates aging skin.


40.As we mentioned above – peanuts are not really nuts. Well, tomatoes are not really vegetables as well, but they spring to mind first, when we think of a salad.Peanuts are legumes. But for the sake of total confusion and utter chaos in definitions – let us just call them nuts.

41. Peanut butter had been mashed by the Aztecs for hundreds of years.

42. The American Presidents Thomas Jefferson and Jimmy Carter love peanuts. Jefferson was a peanut farmer, while Carter began selling his dad’s peanuts in the streets at the innocent age of five.

43.Astronaut Allen Sheppard brought a peanut when he visited the Moon.

44.Peanut shells can be transformed into kitty litter, or compost.

45.Working “for peanuts” means “for a very little money”.

And more

46.The sweet nuts, roasted in the fireplace with a little salt, on a cool autumn evening are a beloved delicacy. (4)

47.Cooks prepare rich and sweet flavored butter from nuts.

48.They are a part of our diet since Prehistoric Times.

49.Even the word “nuts” itself has contributed to the fascination of English vocabulary – it is often used to mean “bonkers.”

50.The famous spice called Nutmeg (after “nuts”) has also really strong psychoactive effects and can make people hallucinate, and drive them insane.

51.Finally, when you say “I am nuts about you” it means “I love you really very much” and basically you are in big trouble.

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